Administrative Applications

The following systems are widely used by campus administrators and offered and supported by OIT's Administrative and Enterprise Systems and Services.


Banner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from Ellucian, a global higher education software and services company. Rice uses the Banner system to manage the university's financial, human resource, payroll, student, and sponsored research activities, operations, and information. Typically the information in Banner is accessed through the Esther Self-Service system or through the Edgar Data Mart.

Banner’s features and capabilities can help you:

  • Manage department funds and budgets
  • Manage departmental staff and payroll
  • Manage grant budgets and expenditures
  • Project and model expenditures and staffing scenarios for grants and other funds
  • Manage and view student information for departments including schedules, rosters, grades, courses


Esther is a self service system that students can use to access their academic records, course schedules, register for classes, pay bills, complete and review course and instructor evaluations, view financial aid, and more. Employees can use the system to access and complete benefit information, review and update address information, pay bills, review pay records, and more.

Esther accounts are created when a student or employee joins the university.

To login to Esther, you will need to know your Employee or Student ID and your password (PIN).

To reset your PIN, students contact the Registrar's Office and employees contact Human Resources. To protect your privacy, please exit and close your browser when you are finished accessing Esther.


Edgar is a system by which employees can interact with Banner. In addition, Edgar houses a set of data stores that provide authorized users with access to Banner financial, student, human resources and related administrative information.

To login to Edgar Web Applications:

  • You must be on a Rice network (have a Rice IP address) which means that you must be on Rice campus OR be logged in through VPN.
  • For security reasons, your Edgar password will expire every 90 days.

Edgar accounts and access to the Edgar Web Applications are created through authorization and approval from departmental chairs/directors and the appropriate data steward. To get an account follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions on how to complete a security agreement application through AdobeSign (or complete the application online and print it).
  2. Have it signed by your department administrator and then return the agreement to Administrative Systems at Administrative Systems User Security MS-97.
  3. If you are a Principal Investigator (PI), please use the short version PI Security Agreement.
  4. Email with any questions about how to fill out the application.
  5. The agreement and data access requested is routed through the Controller, Human Resources, Registrar and/or other offices as appropriate for approval.

PI's Please Note: With this security agreement, a PI's account will be set up with Banner access to his/her Research funds along with a base set of Edgar's Web Applications which include financial transactions, budget information, payroll and labor encumbrances.

  • WebApps2.0 runs best on Firefox3+.

Banner EcoSystem

The following are integrated with the Banner ERP system.

Astra Schedule ISSM
BOSSCARS LawLogix Guardian
Campus Card Oracle Hyperion Planning
Cayuse People Admin
Concur RiceMarketPlace
DegreeWorks Touchnet
Astra Schedule

Astra Schedule is an online/interactive scheduling system that facilitates scheduling of academic resources and courses. It also assists with optimizing room assignments for better space utilization.


BOSSCARS is a parking management software system with real-time integration with the Banner ERP and Esther campus information systems.

Campus Card

This card acts as your Rice Identification Card and allows you to access various buildings and make purchases around Rice University campus. The Rice Police Department (RUPD) handles all Campus Card creation and replacement. If you lose your card, report the loss immediately to the Rice University Police Department at x6000.

Tetra Points can be added to your Campus Card to allow you to purchase food or items on campus or make purchases at the serveries, the bookstore, select vending machines, and the campus store. To add money to your Campus Card contact the Housing & Dining Department.


Cayuse is an integrated proposal, award and compliance product for research administration. Administrative Systems maintains interfaces between Cayuse and Banner Financials. For more details about Cayuse for sponsored projects, visit


Rice University has implemented the Concur Travel and Expense system. Administrative Systems maintains the interface between Banner and the Concur system. For more information regarding Concur, visit the Concur Blog or contact Controller’s Office Concur Support.


DegreeWorks is an interactive degree audit system and academic advising tool designed to assist students and those advising them in monitoring progress towards a degree. It identifies courses completed and courses still needed in order to fulfill degree requirements. DegreeWorks can be accessed through a student's Esther account.


Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management (ISSM) helps maintain SEVIS compliance and effectively manage the information related to international students and scholars.


LawLogix by Hyland is an electronic I-9 compliance tool. Administrative Systems maintains interfaces between Lawlogix and Banner HR systems. For more details about Lawlogix:

Oracle Hyperion Planning

Hyperion is a suite of enterprise performance management and business intelligence applications for access and reporting from Banner, the Edgar data store and for Financial Planning and Budgeting. Access to Hyperion applications is limited depending upon license availability.


PeopleAdmin is used for Rice’s recruiting and applicant tracking process (RiceWorks). Administrative Systems maintains interfaces between PeopleAdmin and Banner HR systems. For more details about PeopleAdmin solutions:


RiceMarketPlace is a procurement system that provides for an easy shopping cart experience with vendor websites and catalogs, as for the direct entry of items on a purchase requisition. Contact the Procurement Office for access to RiceMarketPlace or visit their site.


The Touchnet payment gateway processes campus payments including credit, debit and ACH transactions. Touchnet products are also used for cashiering, tuition bill presentment and payment plans. See Credit Cards @ Rice.