Data Stewardship

Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence

OIT's Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence group develops and supports the infrastructure for accessing and sharing institutional data, reporting, and analytics that enhance the value of the institution’s data assets. Part of their mission is also to promote data governance at Rice and to provide certified and secure data to the community. Learn more on the web site:

Data Stewardship Council

The Data Stewardship Council (DSC) serves as a forum to share and promote consistent and effective administrative data policies and best practices across the University.

To maintain the quality, security, and privacy of university data, the DSC is developing and will manage the Data Use Request (DUR) process, which provides a framework for data sharing among units of the university. All inter-departmental sharing of administrative data should be documented with a completed and signed DUR form.


Administrative and operational data is collected and managed in administrative systems. This data is an important asset of the university. It is used to support decision making, institutional operations, and external reporting. Unit-level policies on the collection, definition, integrity, security and privacy of administrative data can have an impact on the university as a whole. It is important to improve coordination and internal communications to overcome inconsistencies and vulnerabilities in how administrative data are maintained, managed, and shared across the university.

Department Representatives

As an advisory and coordinating body to promote consistent administrative data policies across the university, the DSC comprises from key data stewards and data custodians. A core membership group is made up of representatives of central administrative offices such as:

  • Office of the Controller
  • Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Office of Enrollment
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Office of Information Technology
  • Office of Institutional Research
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Office of the Vice Provost for University Research Administration