Rice departments usually purchase computers and basic software for their faculty and staff. (Note: OIT only supports Rice-purchased computers under warranty.) Only a few departments provide computers for their graduate students; check with your department's graduate student coordinator for details. Undergraduates bring their choice of computer (read more about the minimal requirements) and mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

For classroom and labs, instructors are surveyed each year in April about software needs for the next academic year for Registrar-managed classrooms and teaching labs.

University Purchases (departments buying for their faculty and staff)


Begin the purchasing process for Rice-owned hardware by contacting the OIT Help Desk to determine which type of computer will meet your needs.

OIT will work with the Procure to Pay department as needed.


Rice departments purchase basic software for the computers they provide for their faculty and staff.

Microsoft Windows is available on Rice-purchased computers through a site license.

For a list of licensed software that can be purchased or downloaded on Rice faculty and staff computers, see the OIT Knowledgebase.

OIT will contact the Office of Procurement for requested applications not listed.

Personal Purchases (students, faculty, and staff buying for themselves)


Faculty, staff, and students may be eligible for Rice discounts on hardware purchased with a personal credit card (not a Rice purchasing card or Rice fund/org). To purchase, follow the links below.



Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Check the advice on minimum specifications before you buy a personal computer to use at Rice.


Some software is available for installation on faculty, staff and student's personal computers. (Note: OIT is not responsible for installation of software on personally-owned computers.)

Software Available for Faculty and Staff

Software Available for Students