PMO-Led Projects and Initiatives

Enterprise-Led Initiatives



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PMO-Led Projects and Initiatives

The PMO is engaged in supporting and tracking projects across campus. Below are some of the key projects that are being managed by members of the Project Management Office.

Projects and Initiatives

Projects In Progress

Networking Projects

A comprehensive initiative to has been in progress since 2019 to improve wireless roaming and coverage areas, and to improve wireless connectivity in key locations across campus as well as in outdoor spaces and temporary structures. Also included are hardware refresh activities and an improvement in cellular capabilities.

Event Management

In order to centralize and improve campus event and venue management, Rice's current system for all event requests and event spaces on campus, as well as venue scheduling, will be upgraded and expanded across campus.

FE&P Systems Replacement Phase 3: Operations Maintenance

FE&P has initiated a comprehensive process and systems improvement initiative for Space Management, Capital Projects, and Operations and Maintenance. Space Management was delivered in April 2020, and Capital Projects was configured in August 2020. Operations and Maintenance is next in the implementation timeline. The Capital Projects and Operations and Maintenance modules, and supporting Oracle integrations, will be rolled out in conjunction with imagineOne.

Faculty Hiring

This project was chartered to support processes specific to the faculty hiring process and fill a gap in the incoming ERP system. The solution was implemented and the job requisition and onboarding functions will be integration points with Oracle when it goes live.

FE&P Facilities Projects

The PMO has a dedicated program to support the construction and upgrading of buildings across campus. In partnership with FE&P project managers, activities include managing network and WiFi design and installation, scoping audio-visual requirements, and providing on-the-ground support throughout the project lifecycle.

Delivered -- Summer / Fall 2020

Student Success Initiative (Phase I)

Through the Student Success initiative, advisors and a residential college pilot team implemented a solution for better engagement with, and identification of, students at risk. Students also have a mobile app to allow them to engage with their advisors. The first phase, advising, went live in time for the start of the Fall 2020 term.

Minors on Campus Compliance

In order to improve visibility and tracking of compliance to Rice's policies for minors on campus, a dashboard was developed to automate confirmation of policy acknowledgement, training completion, and background check success.

Web Site Upgrade

Rice University's web platform was upgraded and content updated with new brand standards. OIT and Public Affairs partnered with departments across campus to upgrade and ensure accessibility of site content. The site migration page contains tutorials on the new platform and guidelines on accessibility.

FE&P Systems Replacement Phase 2: Capital Projects

FE&P has initiated a comprehensive process and systems improvement initiative for Space Management, Capital Projects, and Workorder Management. Following the go-live of Space Management, the Capital Projects module was built out in August 2020 but not released. This module will go-live in coordination with imagineOne.

Delivered -- Spring 2020

Dean of Undergraduates New Student Surveys

The previous process for gathering new student information for residential college and roommate matching was very manual, and a joint team brainstormed a better way. The project was run using Agile methodology, and the new process was released to incoming students in May, 2020.

FE&P Systems Replacement Phase 1: Space Management

The FE&P Space Management solution went live in April, 2020. Training will continue throughout the summer, and the project team is designing integrations between the new Space Management solution and the ERP.

Environment Health & Safety (EH&S): Inspections and Lab Tracking

A centralized solution for tracking and reporting on lab inspections, lab safety training, equipment tracking, and hazardous waste is now live and being rolled out across campus by EH&S.

On The Horizon

Student System Improvements

Through a series of workshops, a broad range of opportunities were identified which could improve the way students interact with Rice's student system. Those include self-service applications for activities including registration, grade entry, direct deposit, enhanced communications, and others. The implementation plan for these improvements is being scoped out.