PMO-Led Projects and Initiatives

Enterprise-Led Initiatives

iO Evolution graphic

In July 2021, Rice's new ERP system, iO, was rolled out. This campus-wide initiative integrates human resources, financials, procurement and related reporting into one modern, cloud-based platform. Now that iO is operational, several initiatives are in progress, in order to extend and refine its functionality. Most recently, a governance structure has been designed to manage the flow of campus requests. Learn more.

PMO-Led Projects and Initiatives

The PMO is engaged in supporting and tracking projects across campus. Below are some of the key projects that are being managed by members of the Project Management Office.

Projects and Initiatives

Active and Recent Projects

Network Improvements

A comprehensive initiative began in 2019 to improve connectivity across campus as well as in outdoor spaces and temporary structures. The wireless portion completed in 2022, but ongoing network upgrade and improvement initiatives continue to move forward.

Performance Management

For the 2024 Fiscal Year, Rice has kicked off a campus-wide performance management initiative. All Rice staff will complete a three-step process, beginning in July 2023: 1) Setting goals, 2) Midyear checkpoint, 3) End of year performance review.

FE&P Systems Replacement

FE&P has initiated a comprehensive process and systems improvement initiative for Space Management, Capital Projects, and Operations and Maintenance. Space Management was delivered in April 2020, while Capital Projects and the Operations and Maintenance modules, with supporting Oracle integrations, were deployed along with iO.

Faculty Lifecycle

Rice's VPAA has invested in end-to-end faculty lifecycle management suite of products. Faculty Hiring (2020), Review, Promotion, and Tenure (2021), Faculty Activity Reporting (2023) and Faculty Lifecycle Management (2023) are all active in support of Faculty business processes.

Rice Parking

In 2022, the Rice University parking management solution was replaced with a cloud solution. The scope of the project included upgrading the front-end interface as well as integrating with credit card processors, parking gates, and employee payroll deductions.

Student Systems

The Student Systems team is undertaking a series of initiatives to modernize and upgrade the student user experience.

FE&P Facilities Projects

The PMO has a dedicated program to support the construction and upgrading of buildings across campus. In partnership with FE&P project managers, activities include managing network and WiFi design and installation, scoping audio-visual requirements, and providing on-the-ground support throughout the project lifecycle.