Past Projects



The eSignatures project has provided a platform for departments to implement electronic documents and signatures in their operations and workflows in order to eliminate paper, hand signatures, and the routing of physical documents. Setup Instructions. More info.

Graduate Admissions System

The existing, custom-developed application for receiving and processing graduate student admission applications is beyond end of life, running on an unsupported version of the underlying technology framework. Over 30 programs participated in the initial pilot in September 2018, and the remaining graduate programs were onboarded in September 2019. More info.



The OwlConnect project was initiated in 2016 to establish a comprehensive information source of alumni, corporations, foundations, families, and friends of Rice University, and provide a technology system to support the next campaign. The core CRM system was opened to end users on Monday, July 23, 2018, and rollout of the web-enabled front end (event registrations, donations, and online directory) began in winter 2018.

Banner9 Upgrade

A new version of Banner was released in late 2016. OIT’s Administrative and Enterprise Systems and Services installed and tested the system, prepared the production environment and migrated offices to the new system. This release represents a major technical upgrade to Rice’s central administrative system. For more info.


In 2018, the 18 year-old campus Nortel PBX phone system was replaced with a Cisco VoIP system. The new technology was piloted at the Cambridge Office Building, and continued with a building-by-building migration throughout 2018. Decommissioned Nortel switch on 4-15-19. Cisco VoIP Portal instructions. Cisco Phone and Voice Mail Instructions.