OIT manages and maintains the centralized telecommunications network, including Rice telephone and voicemail service.

See: Knowledgebase information on the Cisco VoIP system




Campus Telecommunications Services, Fees, and Rates

Basic Features

Telephone service is offered on an annual fee basis to Rice departments and include voicemail, call hold, call transfer, and four-digit dialing for campus calls.


  • Line Charge (analog/VoIP): $267/year.


  • priced upon request

Telecommunications Assistance and Service

Contact OIT to set up or change your telephone service. The standard response time for repairs is 24 hours. Adding or changing a telephone line usually requires 3-5 working days.

Phone: 713-348-5555


Using Campus Phones

Calling Campus Phones

Campus numbers can be dialed directly from off campus by dialing: 713 + 348 + four-digit extension number.

Directory Assistance

You can obtain help from Online Directory or simply dialing 0 from a campus phone or 713-348-0000 from an off campus phone and say the name of the person or department you wish to reach.

Dialing from Campus Phones

On Campus Calls

Dial the four digit extension number when you hear the dial tone.

Local Off Campus Calls

Dial 9 + Area Code + Phone Number

Toll Free Numbers

Dial 9 + 1 + Toll Free Number

Long Distance Calling

Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

International Calling

Dial 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For telephones that have a class of service that allows international calls.

Conference Calls

When you have the first party on the line, look for the CONF button on the set. When you press the CONF button the first conversation will be placed on hold and you will receive a dial tone. Make the second call as you would normally do (i.e. press 9 to reach an outside line and 1 if it’s long distance and dial number). When you have the second party on the line, press the CONNECT button at the bottom of the screen. All three of lines should now be connected. You can continue to add parties in this manner up to 6 parties including yourself.

Using Voicemail

For voicemail issues or voicemail password resets, contact the Telecommunications Office.

First-time password

The first time you log on, you must change your password from the default password (147258) before you can listen to your messages.

Voice Mail Numbers

  • Mailbox Number: Your four-digit extension number
  • Default Password: 147258

Logging On Voicemail

See also: Knowledgebase article on Rice Voicemail

From your campus telephone:

  • Press your voicemail key (looks like cassette tape symbol - above the gear and book icon keys), enter your pin or dial 3000.

From another telephone:

  • Dial: 713 348 3000



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Zoom offers video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices with campus-affiliated and unaffiliated users. This tool can be used by Rice faculty to remotely connect with your class via a web conference.

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