Faculty & Staff

The majority of printing for faculty and staff is handled through their individual departments. OIT will diagnose minor hardware issues with printers and in the event of major hardware issues with printers we will recommend vendor support or replacing the printer. Wireless printers are not supported on the Rice University networks. Contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

Student-Owned Printers

OIT can offer guidance with minor issues with printers and in the event of major hardware issues can recommend vendor support. Wireless printers are not supported on the Rice networks. You must use a cable to connect your computer and printer.

Campus Lab Printers

  • Black and white network printers are located in each residential college lab and in other classrooms and labs, including Fondren Library and Mudd Lab.
  • Fondren Library has a color printer.
  • Mudd Lab has poster printers called plotters.
  • Printing requires a per page fee (varies depending on paper size, color, etc.) that is automatically charged to your Rice Cashier's Office account.

For detailed information, check out the many printing articles in the KnowledgeBase including:

How to Request Refund Due to Printer Error

If you receive a low quality printout due to printer error, request a refund within a day or two. Refunds are made only if the printer makes a physical error, the paper is damaged, or the ink is faded or smudged. If you believe you qualify for a refund, contact the OIT Help Desk. Keep the bad print job and header page until you report the problem.

Check Your Lab Printing Charges

Getting Reimbursed for Printing Charges

The only print charges you can incur are those made through your NetID. If you print for someone else (faculty, department, college, or campus organization) the only way for them to pay for the charges is to reimburse you. There is no way another group or individual can be charged for your print jobs.