Email & Calendar

Undergraduate and graduate student email is managed externally through Rice Google mail or Rice Gmail. Rice faculty and staff are provided with Rice email (to ensure sensitive university data is protected). All faculty, staff, and students make use of the suite of Google Office services, with email and calendar being the most commonly used services.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Rice Gmail

Students, access your Rice Gmail:

  • Sign in to Google
    • Login with NetID address
    • Login with Rice Google password
  • To reset your Gmail password, use My NetID or contact the Help Desk.

Faculty or Staff: Rice Email

Faculty and staff, access your Rice Email:

  • Use Rice web applications
    • Login with NetID only (not NetID
    • Login with NetID password
  • To reset your email password, use My NetID or contact the Help Desk.

Google Web Applications & Calendar

All Rice students, faculty, and staff are provided a Rice Google Calendar as part of the Rice G-suite. Other applications include Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Hangout, and Google Chat.

Managing Email on Mobile Devices or in Web Browsers

Instructions for setting up email on mobile devices and in popular web applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Outlook can be found in the KnowledgeBase.