Mail Cluster Backup - Recovery Procedures

The Mail Cluster systems are backed up on a regular basis. Retrievals of active user's backup copies are on a best effort basis, and most retrievals will be done within 24 hours of the initial request. Retrieval requests may be made by logging a Help Desk Request. These restoration requests should be as specific as possible, stating the user's NetID, mail folder name(s) and the approximate date and time of when the requested file or folder was last available and accessible.

NetID: brr1234
Date last available or noticed: 4/11/09
Folder where email was last retrieved from:  Inbox

Retention of Backup Tapes

The Mail Cluster backups will retain a copy of active user's mail folders for 30 days. Files that are deleted by users will be retained for 30 days after the deletion. This 30 day limit includes users whose accounts have been *deactivated*.

There may be exceptions for the retention as deemed necessary by the systems administrators or special requests outside of the norm of operations.

Recovery from Backup

All requests for recovery will be accomplished by a restoration of the entire folder from which the message had last been available from.  The recovered folder will be not over write any existing folder and may contain copies of messages that have been previously deleted.  It will be the responsibility of the requestor to determine if the restoration attempt was successful.