Get Started: Visitors

Learn about the resources that are available to you during your time on campus.

Wireless Networks

  • Rice Visitor: Connect to this open wireless network with your laptop or other mobile device while visiting campus. For more information, see Connecting to Rice Visitor.
  • Eduroam: A world-wide access service that allows individuals from member institutions to connect to wireless networks at Rice using their institution's login credentials. For more information, see Connecting to Eduroam.

Public Computers, Printers, Scanners, and Photocopiers

Publicly accessible equipment is available in Fondren Library for accessing the Internet, printing, scanning, and photocopying. For more information, see Fondren Visitor Information.

Computers for Continuing Studies Students

If you are a Continuing Studies student, see your instructor for the location of and login instructions for computer labs.

Temporary Guest Account

Using the Rice Visitor Portal, a Rice employee may sponsor a temporary guest with possible options of email, VPN access, or other IT accounts.