Get Started: Faculty & Staff

Get up and running with the technology, accounts, and access necessary to work at the university.

Tech Support for Rice

Storage Options

A variety of storage options are available for your data and OIT can offer guidance in selecting the system that meets your needs. For more information, see Storage Options.

Get Computing Help

The OIT Help Desk is the central point of contact for technical support. Help Desk staff will answer your questions or route your service requests to your divisional representative so they can make an appointment to assist you in your office. For more information, see OIT Help Desk.

Protect our systems and information

OIT can advise you on how to protect your systems and sensitive information as well as inform you on how to comply with policies and guidelines. For more information, see Security & Safe Computing.

How to buy a new computer

Your OIT divisional representative can guide you in what type of computer to buy so that your equipment meets the university’s standards. Purchasing procedures vary from department to department so check with your area’s coordinator. We can also consult with you about special needs or setting up your new system.

Manage your email

Due to the sensitive university data you will handle as a staff or faculty member, your email is managed through an internal campus system known as Webmail. However, your Rice email can be read using a variety of programs (including over the web). For more information, see Email.

Connect to the campus network

Rice has a variety of wired and wireless options available to Faculty & Staff that offer reliable internet access. For more information, see Networks & Wireless.

New Instructor Training

Rice’s learning management system is called Canvas. Instructional systems or “podiums” are available in classrooms and computer teaching labs across campus and enable faculty to teach using a variety of digital teaching tools. Training sessions on Canvas and podiums are held in the fall and online video tutorials are also available.

Campus Accounts

For an overview of campus accounts and resources, see Accounts and Access.