Remote Teaching Resources


Learning Environments is available to help you with remote teaching in any way we can. Please look into one of the following options if you need assistance getting started, or follow the steps laid out below.

  1. In-depth Written Resources: Remote Teaching Resources Canvas Course
  2. Group Training Opportunities: Canvas Training Calendar
  3. One-on-one Meetings: Schedule a One-on-One Meeting
  4. Email for help:

Step 1: Contact your students and keep communication open.

Even if you don't have a plan in place yet, inform your students as soon as possible that changes are coming and what your expectations are for checking email or Canvas. Please use the Contact your Students page for further assistance.

All courses have a Canvas Learning Management System site. Canvas can help you in the event of class cancellations by providing a secure, easily-accessible place for your students to access materials. Please use the Remote Teaching Resources Canvas site to assist you with this.

You will want to be communicating where and how to access materials throughout this process; you can find resources in the Communicate with Students Module.

Step 2: Consider realistic goals for continuing instruction and review your course schedule and syllabus

What do you think you can realistically accomplish during this time period? Identify your priorities during the disruption—providing lectures, structuring new opportunities for discussion or group work, collecting assignments, etc.

You may need to reconsider some of your expectations for students, including participation, communication, and deadlines. Keep in mind the impact this situation may have on students' ability to meet expectations. Be ready to handle requests for extensions or accommodations.

Step 3: Create and Distribute Content

If you do not currently have materials that can be distributed online, you will need to create them; you can find assistance in the Create Your Materials Module. Once your content is created, you will need to distribute it to students; ideas can be found in the Distribute your Materials Module.

What Would You Like To Do?

Communicate with Students

Create an Announcement in Canvas
Send messages in Canvas

Share documents/files with students

Add files to
Add files to Canvas

Record a Lecture

Create Video: Kaltura Personal Capture
Publish Video: Upload to Media Gallery

Give a Live Lecture

Zoom Video Conferencing See also: Zoom Updates
Google Hangouts Meet Video Conferencing
Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Have a Class Discussion

Create a Discussion in Canvas
Google Chat

Give a Quiz

Create an Assignment in Canvas
Create a Quiz in Canvas

Set up Group Work/Collaboration

Create Groups in Canvas
Set up Group Discussions in Canvas
Use Google Apps for real-time collaboration

Give a Final Exam or Project

Giving Final Exams



Need something more?

The Remote Teaching Resources Canvas Course has every resource you might need to learn a new skill using Canvas.

You can take a deeper dive by visiting the modules there. 

If you are teaching an all-online fully-accredited course, please contact Rice Online at or (713) 348-8700. 

For support with pedagogical issues you can contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at or (713) 348-2929.



If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to reach out to Learning Environments:

713-348-4357 (option 2) |